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Javanda Gomez: Senior Dreamweaver Marketing


Charismatic, Dependable, Extroverted


If she was born a fruit she would be…

 A Peach.

  • Simply because it's diverse, peaches could be juiced, baked or eaten on its own, even in a fruit salad. Its unique look, feel and taste are unlike any other fruit, yet it can be served or photographed with a variety of different fruits and still fit in. Peaches are soft, firm and sweet yet a little bit nutty on the inside :).


As an animal, she would be…

A Dog.

  • Yes a Dog, not just any dog but a Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are powerful, active, sound and well put together. They display a personality that is eager, alert and self confident. Heaven for a Golden Retriever is simply spending time with people. With their “must please personality”, Golden retrievers make dedicated, intelligent and happy working dogs. 

Her pledge to VagusMRI and You:

I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this innovative, dynamic and unique agency. I would fulfil my duties as Dreamweaver with the help of my team to make every client’s dream a reality. To VagusMRI I pledge to always be a team player, working together for the success of the client.

Javanda is the Dreamweaver - which simply means that she works to make all of our Clients’ dreams a reality. Javanda states that she enjoys her job because “I get to meet and help so many different people and it’s never a boring day.”

At Secondary school she was an active member of the RBTT young leader’s debate team which helped her gain experience in gathering accurate research and analysis. It has also helped her to develop the ability to think strategically and rigorously.  Javanda attributed debating as the source for developing cognitive and presentational skills.

In Javanda’s words:

I plan to apply my experience and knowledge to my job the best way possible and grow with VagusMRI and continue learning in this dynamic innovative and unique Marketing Research agency. During my spare time I like reading West Indian novels, I listen to a wide variety of music which helps me think and come up with innovative ideas, I enjoy sewing and meeting new and interesting people (despite being a bit soft spoken).