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Shantely Alleyne - Senior Dreamweaver Research

Conservative, Modest and Introspective

If she was a fruit, she would be..

A Orange

  •  Like the colour of an orange I’m bold, vibrant and energetic on the outside. And like the inside I’m soft, sweet and beautiful.

If she was an animal, she would be..

A Ape (Gorilla)

  • Like an Ape, I’m protective of my space and family, wary of strangers, swift and a prodigious leader.


All of these characteristics are reminiscent of the kind of person I am.

Her pledge to US and YOU:

I pledge to be ingenious, sincere and patient in dealing with our research clients and others. To be vigilant and determined in the work I do, to produce quality first class results to our clients. And lastly to VagusMRI, I pledge to contribute to your long term and short term goals and objectives through commitment, trustworthiness, resoluteness and relentlessness.