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Sharon - Assistant Marketing Maestro



Adventurous, Gregarious, Creative              


If she were born as a fruit, she would be…


A Guava.


  • Strong and firm, yet soft and sweet when ripe. Unique and versatile. One of the most gregarious and anticipated of fruits: adventurous and charming, most people are drawn to me.   



If she were an animal, she would be…


A Wolf.


  • Loyal to family and friends. Will look out for others even if I don’t know them. Strong and compassionate. Most people don’t know as much about me as they might think they do. I am courageous and love adventure.


Her pledge to US and YOU:


  • I pledge to do all that I can to earn an A+ from our customers every day. That means, listening to our clients, handling all their needs with integrity and always doing the right thing. Above all it means providing quality client service that remains consistent during good and bad times.